Hello world!

This is my very first post on WordPress.com! I started this blog to establish my digital brand as a journalist-turned-educator. It’s a place for journalistic experimentation and innovation.

It’s also a place to showcase my accomplishments in journalism education.

Thirdly, I hope it could also be a place to express my love for Chinese culture. Don’t be surprised if you find some Chinese characters here on this blog. The information policies of the Chinese Tang Dynasty inspired the Swedish and the world’s first piece of legislation on access to information. You may not know this. It shows that media law has never been an US-centric monologue. Instead, media law was, is and will forever be a dialogue among different civilizations. As a U.S. media law scholar with Chinese background, I had been inspired by Chinese philosophies when I wrote my dissertation. I believe that Chinese cultural heritages will continue to inspire me when I explore the exciting world of journalism and media law.


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