Use widgets to enrich your blog sidebar

Journalism students who use as their blog hosting platform may find that their blogs have nothing on sidebar.

Actually, has a lot of widgets that we can use to add more functionalities to our blog. Our blog could thus become more user-friendly overnight.

For instance, you can use widgets to add tons of cool things on your sidebar, such as “RSS feeds,” “blog stats, “follow blog,” “blogroll,” “searches,” “archives,” “top posts/pages,” and “most recent posts/pages.” All those applications could enhance your blog’s traffic.

In order to activate the widget, you need to go to “Dashboard,” then click “appearances,” then “widgets,” finally find the widget you are looking for from a list of available widgets. Then click “save.” After all this, functionalities will automatically appear on the sidebar.

I didn’t realize widgets are so useful until recently. But honestly, when I tried some of them, I’ve found that adding blogroll is much much more time-consuming and cumbersome than I expected. I don’t know why bloggers need to manually add so many things on the sidebar. Everything should have been there at the first place.

Practice makes perfect. So Click here to learn how to add a blogroll link.

Good luck!


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