Two prominent speakers come to Western

Two prominent speakers came to Western Illinois University recently to meet with students and faculty.

One was Dr. Kyu Ho Youm from University of Oregon. He is definitely a superstar in the field of media law. Youm delivered a speech on March 25, focusing on legal and ethical implications of New York Times v. Sullivan on American journalism. Youm’s passion for press freedom is evident for the fact that he always brings a copy of U.S. constitution with him no matter where he goes. Youm’s connections with Western date back to the late 1980s when he contacted Dr. Jai Hyon Lee for his legal research. Lee was the founding director of the journalism program at Western. Lee arranged an interview between Youm and attorney of a Western student who sued a handful of U.S. media outlets for issues concerning qualified communication privilege.

Another speaker was Kevin Mowbray, a Western journalism graduate. Mowbray switched from Broadcasting to Journalism when he studied here. He once worked for the Western Courier as a staff writer. Today, Mowbray is executive vice president and chief operating officer(COO) of Lee Enterprises. Lee Enterprises is a big media company that publishes 46 daily newspapers and other digital products that cater to local markets from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. Mowbray delivered a speech on April 14 on the future of digital media.

Both speakers visited the Western Courier newsroom. It’s amzing that a campus newspaper as small as this has produced a Pulitzer-Prize winner and a COO. Do you know any other Western Courier-produced big names or celebrities?

Dr. Kyu Yo Youm has an interview with TriStates Public Radio

Dr. Kyu Yo Youm has an interview with TriStates Public Radio. By Yong Tang


Dr. Kyu Ho Youm observes Journalism Hall of Fame in the Simpkins Hall. By Yong Tang


Dr. Kyu Ho Youm visits the Western Courier newsroom. By Yong Tang


Mr. Kevin Mowbray talks with Western Courier staff writers about job opportunities. By Yong Tang


Mr. Kevin Mowbray poses with Western Courier staff writers. By Yong Tang


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