JOUR440 best blogging, best data visualization and best Storify entry

At the end of spring 2015 semester, JOUR440 students and I voted for the best student assignments in the class. Eight students received certificates of awards in three different categories: data visualization, blogging and Storify. Congratulations again, prize winners!

It was the first time for me to teach digital media skills. A lot of fun! The only pity was that I had to teach in an outdated computer lab. I said to my students, ” I am teaching you guys 21 century skills with stone-age technologies!” As journalism moves into Sallee to merge with broadcasting, I am sure state-of-the-art facility is waiting for us journalism students and professors.


Alejandro Montoya

Sandra Sepaniak

Sandra Sepaniak


Cassandra Thomey


Robert Green


Caitlin Meyers


Ajia Harris


Breanna Clark

     JOUR440 Best Blogger:
First Place: Sandra Sepaniak (“Sandra on A Plane“)

Second Place: Breanna Clark (“A Love for Words“)

Third Place: Ajia Harris (“For the Love of Music“)

JOUR440 Best Data Visualization Producer:
First Place: Caitlin Meyers (“Starbucks Per State“)

Second Place: Sandra Sepaniak (“Most Popular Spanish Football Clubs by Average Attendance“)

Third Place: Robert Green (“Top Ten Colleges MLB Players Attended“)

Third Place: Cassandra Thomey (“Chicago Speed Cameras“)

JOUR440 Best Storify Author:
First Place: Alexjandro Montoya (“Most Anticipated Films of 2015“)

Second Place: Cassandra Thomey (“The Month of Lady Gaga“)

Second Place: Sandra Sepaniak (“New Laws Considered as Measles Epidemic Continues” )

Third Place: Caitlin Meyers (“When There Is A Cure, We will Dance for Joy“)

Third Place: Rachael Keating (“The Bottled Water Epidemic“)

Third Place: Robert Green (“Spring Training Is Starting up for Baseball, FINALLY“)


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