Best bloggers from my JOUR440 class

Best bloggers from my JOUR440 class for spring 2016

First place winners:

1.Erika Ward (click here to visit her blog)

2.Adam Feiner (click here to visit his blog)



Second place winner:

1.Sheridan Keen (click here to visit her blog)


Honorable mentions:

1.Robert Gordon (click here to visit his blog)

2.Devins Rings (click here to visit his blog)

3.Erika Davis (click here to visit her blog)

This past semester I taught JOUR440 (Digital Media Skills for Journalists and Public Relations Practitioners). It is a course designed to prepare Western journalism and public relations students to enhance their digital media skills such as blogging and social media tools, multiplatform storytelling and data visualization so students know how to generate and deliver news and information more effectively to web-based audiences.

The class has a lot of assignments. They aim to equip our students with skills necessary to survive and thrive in an increasingly convergent media world. Students voted for the best work in the following seven different categories: Best Audio Story, Best Audio Slideshow, Best Video Story, Best Multimedia Package, Best Storify Entry, Best Data Visualization, and Best Blog. I didn’t vote but I selected students for honorable mentions.

Enjoy stories posted by our award-winning student bloggers! Let me know how you think.


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