Southwestern Law School Conference on Global Freedom of Information Laws

Today too many conferences are becoming just too big. Thousand of attendees. Thousands of papers. Huge hotel with hundreds of conference rooms. Often times, too many people try to connect to the same Wi-Fi at the same time. The huge traffic brings the Wi-Fi completely down. Every participant is busy because he or she, very likely, has to present many papers and chair many sessions. Every audience member, very likely, is busy too because he or she has to attend so many sessions in so many places. Few time is left for interactive dialogues and meaningful networking.

This time it was really an exception. This past Friday I attended a conference in Los Angels organized by Southwestern Law School. The symposium, titled “Freedom of Information Laws on the Global Stage: Past, Present and Future,” was co-sponsored by Southwestern Law School, Journal of International Media & Entertainment Law, and Journal of International Law. I was an invited panelist for a session titled “Managing the Information Revolution: The Future of FOI Laws Globally.”

The conference went from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. It had a lunch break and dinner reception. I made many friends. It was a really inspiring, thought-provoking and interactive conference. Plus, the law school campus is small but beautiful. The main building is one of the leading landmarks in Los Angles. It was a shopping center in the 1920s and later the law school purchased the treasure and turned it into a campus building. To me, it looks like a royal palace. Here is the history of the building.

Yes, small is beautiful.

img_20161104_101537 img_20161104_101955 img_20161104_125558 img_20161104_175557 img_20161104_183603 img_20161104_190705 img_20161104_192136 img_20161104_192641 img_20161104_195225 img_20161114_174118


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