A Superstar on the Rise: William Turkington (1)

William Turkington was a student of my JOUR330 (Newspaper and Magazine Feature Writing) class for spring 2017 semester. In this class, every student must report and write one query letter and more than 10 feature stories in different genres. Each story must not exceed 500 words. Then the student must expand whatever story of their choice into a polished, ready-for-publication long-form magazine article of 1,200 to 1,500 words.


Students from my feature writing class pose in front of the department Wall of Fame. William Turkington stands in the back row, second from left. Photo credit: Provided by Yong Tang

Turkington came to my attention because  Continue reading


The New York Times Growth in digital subscribers

News from Midwest

The first number is 308,000 which is the net new digital subscribers according to CNN.

Circulation revenue is growing fast. But print ad revenue, the old backbone of the company, is declining fast. That leads to the second number: 17.9 percent.

The Times noted that digital ad revenue increased by 18.9 percent — but print is still more lucrative for the Times and other major papers.

The company’s overall earnings were 11 cents per share in the quarter, up a penny from the same quarter last year.

The current number of digital-only subscriptions is 2.2 million.

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以为“高冷如冰山”,其实 “俏皮如孩童”


其实 “俏皮如孩童”


一位15岁的北京女孩,年级学霸,舞蹈尖子,一直渴望出国去看看。她心中的圣地是位于纽约的茱莉亚音乐学院。刚刚过去的这个寒假,她读完了我的新闻作品报道集《唐勇看美国》,并写下好长的一篇读后感。文笔虽显稚嫩,但不乏真诚。她在读后感中说:“世界之大,值得我用欣赏的目光去看待。” Continue reading

Each Student Gets a Chinese Name: A Spring 2017 Souvenir

Like before, each student in my Spring 2017 classes gets a Chinese name as a souvenir. Students must be able to write and read their Chinese names to earn some extra credit. I encourage students to use their Chinese names whenever they can. Students enjoy this activity. Some posted their Chinese names on Facebook. Some even turned their lovely Chinese names into beautiful tattoos. Continue reading

Southwestern Law School Conference on Global Freedom of Information Laws

Today too many conferences are becoming just too big. Thousand of attendees. Thousands of papers. Huge hotel with hundreds of conference rooms. Often times, too many people try to connect to the same Wi-Fi at the same time. The huge traffic brings the Wi-Fi completely down. Every participant is busy because he or she, Continue reading