Sleeping on wet floor and outstanding alumni award

In 1986, about 40 students slept on the wet floor of a crowded high school dormitory because their families Continue reading


“不算违法,德行有亏” —“毕福剑事件”如果发生在美国的法理和道德分析



近日,毕福剑不雅视频风波在国内舆论场持续发酵。对于事件主角“毕姥爷”,同情者有之,辱骂者有之。好几位国内朋友问我,你在美国教新闻法,如果类似事件发生在美国,结果会怎样?换句话说,如果毕福剑在美国某主流电视台娱乐节目做主持人,在餐馆聚餐时,大骂美国国父乔治·华盛顿和他领导的北美大陆军,骂人视频被好事者传到网上,结果会如何?下面就从美国新闻传播法和伦理道德的角度聊聊。 Continue reading

I create Chinese names for my American students

Many American citizens are well known for lack of interest and knowledge about foreign countries and cultures. They are paying a huge price for that ignorance. In an increasingly globalized and inter-connected world, that price would be higher and higher.

Since I began teaching at Western Illinois University, I understand that as a foreign professor, I have both the expertise and obligation to familiarize my students with global issues in mass communications. Mass communication professionals (e.g. reporters, editors, public relations officers) won’t be competent communicators if they don’t have basic sensitivity to foreign cultures. Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my very first post on! I started this blog to establish my digital brand as a journalist-turned-educator. It’s a place for journalistic experimentation and innovation.

It’s also a place to showcase Continue reading