A Superstar on the Rise: William Turkington (2)

William Turkington was a student of my JOUR330 (Newspaper and Magazine Feature Writing) class for spring 2017 semester. In this class, every student must report and write one query letter and more than 10 feature stories in different genres. Each story must not exceed 500 words. Then the student must expand whatever story of their choice into a polished, ready-for-publication long-form magazine article of 1,200 to 1,500 words.


Students from my feature writing class pose in front of the department Wall of Fame. William Turkington stands in the back row, second from left. Photo credit: Provided by Yong Tang

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The New York Times Growth in digital subscribers

News from Midwest

The first number is 308,000 which is the net new digital subscribers according to CNN.

Circulation revenue is growing fast. But print ad revenue, the old backbone of the company, is declining fast. That leads to the second number: 17.9 percent.

The Times noted that digital ad revenue increased by 18.9 percent — but print is still more lucrative for the Times and other major papers.

The company’s overall earnings were 11 cents per share in the quarter, up a penny from the same quarter last year.

The current number of digital-only subscriptions is 2.2 million.

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A great place for international visiting scholars

The department of Broadcasting and Journalism at WIU is a great place for international visiting scholars to teach and study media related subjects.

Last semester the department hosted two visiting scholars. One was Dr. Cristian Ivanes, a Fulbright scholar and veteran journalist of regional brach of Radio Romania. He taught comparative broadcasting systems and had a presentation on the history of Berlin Wall from an insider’s perspective.

Another was Professor Ningfeng Sun, a scholar from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. Sun is the head of department of business journalism in College of General Education and Humanities at this prestigious university based in Chengdu, Sichuan. In his lecture at WIU, Sun shared with my students two video documentaries featuring lifestyle of porters in Bashan Mountain and traditional way of haircutting in the countryside. Sun was faculty adviser for both award-winning documentaries.

Visiting scholars bring more diversity to our programs and cultivate professional relationships. We look forward to hosting more visiting scholars from China and elsewhere.


Last day of Dr. Cristian Ivanes at WIU. 


Professor Sun having a lecture on Chinese journalism


Professor Sun after his lecture


Traditional way of hair-cutting looks scary at first. Barbers use hot metal tools to burn hair off. Photo Source


Porters in Bashan Mountain. Photo Source

Western students: Bernie Sanders will be the next U.S. president

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will become the next president of the United States, according to Western Illinois University 2015 Mock Presidential Election.

A group of Western Illinois University journalism students created a blog to live report the institution’s 2015 Mock Presidential Election. Here is what the blog team says about the purpose of the blog: “Western Illinois University Broadcasting and Journalism Department is proud to bring you a live update of the Mock Presidential Election being held here on campus. The last two times we have held this event we were able to correctly predict the next president. Witness the possible future president get elected here on the road to the White House.”

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“不算违法,德行有亏” —“毕福剑事件”如果发生在美国的法理和道德分析



近日,毕福剑不雅视频风波在国内舆论场持续发酵。对于事件主角“毕姥爷”,同情者有之,辱骂者有之。好几位国内朋友问我,你在美国教新闻法,如果类似事件发生在美国,结果会怎样?换句话说,如果毕福剑在美国某主流电视台娱乐节目做主持人,在餐馆聚餐时,大骂美国国父乔治·华盛顿和他领导的北美大陆军,骂人视频被好事者传到网上,结果会如何?下面就从美国新闻传播法和伦理道德的角度聊聊。 Continue reading