Unforgettable trip to Israel

Long gone are those good old days when I and a bunch of young reporters from all over the world had our greatest adventures in one of the most dangerous places of the world-Israel. We practiced belly dancing and enjoyed Spanish music. We touched the Wailing Wall Continue reading


马斯卡廷散记(Muscatine:A City of History and Friendship


马斯卡廷,英文名Muscatine, 被美国媒体称为中国国家主席习近平的“美国故乡(American hometown)”。这个以前默默无闻的爱荷华小城因习近平的两次造访(1985年和2012年)而爆得大名。它离 Continue reading

Online privacy collides with right to know | Opinion | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

We are seeing a conflict between freedom of expression/the press and right to be forgotten. What’s the solution? “The truth seems to lie somewhere in between.” A very insightful and timely Op-ed piece by my friend Dr. Kyu Ho Youm:

Online privacy collides with right to know | Opinion | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon.

“不算违法,德行有亏” —“毕福剑事件”如果发生在美国的法理和道德分析



近日,毕福剑不雅视频风波在国内舆论场持续发酵。对于事件主角“毕姥爷”,同情者有之,辱骂者有之。好几位国内朋友问我,你在美国教新闻法,如果类似事件发生在美国,结果会怎样?换句话说,如果毕福剑在美国某主流电视台娱乐节目做主持人,在餐馆聚餐时,大骂美国国父乔治·华盛顿和他领导的北美大陆军,骂人视频被好事者传到网上,结果会如何?下面就从美国新闻传播法和伦理道德的角度聊聊。 Continue reading

A high school student in China reflects on journalism, media, art and philosophy

After reading some parts of my four-volume journalistic book America in the Eyes of Yong Tang, a high school student in Chengdu, China wrote a letter to me. She wrote in English. The young student reflects on journalism, media, art and philosophy in her short book review. From the article, you can see how the younger generations in China think about journalism and communication.

Below is the full text of the article:

Dear Mr. Tang,

Before reading, although I’ve always considered the term media as a neutral vessel, which pours out objective information over the public, I never imagined the function of media could be so powerful that it’s regarded as the “fourth force” of western societies, as you mentioned in Chapter two. From the events you illustrated as a reporter, sadly, I found an astounding truth that Continue reading

Professor Tang publishes four books

What does America look like in the eyes of Yong Tang?

Professor Tang has his answers in his four-volume Chinese-language book America in the Eyes of Yong Tang.

Compared to many other similar Chinese writers, Tang believes that he portrays America in a more balanced and nuanced manner. Most book materials came from his first-hand observation of the country. He once worked in the People’s Daily Washington D.C. bureau for four years. Continue reading

What a horrible translation of Chinese poem

I am a fan of classical Chinese poetry and Li Bai is one of my favorite poets. His poem, 长干行, was about a devoted yet lonesome wife yearning for the return of her husband and recalling those old good days when they two spent together.

The poem was translated by Ezra Pound into English. Pound was a well-known American poet. He was a translator of many Chinese poems. His translations were considered by literature critics as among the best. Continue reading

Hello world!

This is my very first post on WordPress.com! I started this blog to establish my digital brand as a journalist-turned-educator. It’s a place for journalistic experimentation and innovation.

It’s also a place to showcase Continue reading