Each student gets a Chinese name for Fall 2016

Each student gets a Chinese name. This is what I have been doing since I came to teach at Western Illinois University in 2011. Fall 2016 is not an exception. Continue reading


Best audio slideshows from my digital media skills class for spring 2016

This past semester I taught JOUR440 (Digital Media Skills for Journalists and Public Relations Practitioners) for the second time. It is a course designed to prepare Western journalism and public relations students to enhance digital media skills such as blogging and social media tools, multiplatform storytelling and data visualization so students know how to generate and deliver news and information more effectively to web-based audiences.

Students voted for the best work Continue reading

Macomb: A least expensive college town

According to a recent ranking by REALTOR.com, official website of National Association of REALTORS, Macomb is among the top ten least expensive college towns in the United States.



Click here for the ranking.