Spring 2017 JOUR440 Best Student Work

Spring 2017 JOUR440 Best Student Work:

Mary Anderson

Anitria Wilson

Campbell Atkins

Daniel Frey

Kayla Collins




Spring 2016 JOUR440 Best Student Work

Spring 2016 best blogs

Spring 2016 best multimedia packages

Spring 2016 best data visualizations

Spring 2016 best Storify entries

Spring 2016 best video stories

Spring 2016 best audio stories

Spring 2016 best audio slideshows

JOUR440 best blogging, best data visualization and best Storify entry

At the end of spring 2015 semester, JOUR440 students and I voted for the best student assignments in the class. Eight students received certificates of awards in three different categories: data visualization, blogging and Storify. Continue reading