Great Feature Stories from Prof. Tang’s Feature Writing Class

First-Person Story:

Sunday Football in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

By Ross Gunther (Chinese name: 孔若师)

It was finally the day I’d been waiting years for. The day that I had thought about since I started watching football. The day when one of my biggest wishes was about to come true. A day I thought would never come. Today was the day I was going to finally see the Pittsburgh Steelers play at their home stadium.

The car was packed with my family members on a warm and sunny day. You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Saturday morning. It was time for me to hit the road and make my journey to Pennsylvania.

I left my house at noon in hopes that I could make it to my hotel in Pittsburgh by 10 p.m. that night. Continue reading


John Benedeck and His Feature Stories

John Benedeck (Chinese name:白朝辉) is a great feature writer. Nothing proves this more than his academic accomplishment in my BC&J330 (Magazine and Newspaper Feature Writing) class in this past fall semester.

Benedict’s reporting is thorough. His writing is colorful and creative. All papers convey a strong sense of being there. His work shows promise of outstanding professional achievement. As more and more robots are replacing humans in newsrooms, the journalism industry needs more people Continue reading

A high school student in China reflects on journalism, media, art and philosophy

After reading some parts of my four-volume journalistic book America in the Eyes of Yong Tang, a high school student in Chengdu, China wrote a letter to me. She wrote in English. The young student reflects on journalism, media, art and philosophy in her short book review. From the article, you can see how the younger generations in China think about journalism and communication.

Below is the full text of the article:

Dear Mr. Tang,

Before reading, although I’ve always considered the term media as a neutral vessel, which pours out objective information over the public, I never imagined the function of media could be so powerful that it’s regarded as the “fourth force” of western societies, as you mentioned in Chapter two. From the events you illustrated as a reporter, sadly, I found an astounding truth that Continue reading

Internationally recognized media law scholar will come to Western to discuss New York Times V. Sullivan

Dr. Kyu Ho Youm, Western Illinois University Spring 2015 Journalism Day Keynote Speaker Kyu_3

What: Spring 2015 Journalism Day Keynote Speech (title: “The First Amendment Is Only for A Free Press in America?: New York Times V. Sullivan’s Impact on Ethical Journalism”)  

Who: Continue reading